Dominican occidental grand punta cana, Occidental Punta Cana

Dominican occidental grand punta cana

Apparently, the hotel management is so greedy that it does not care about the interests and comfort of its guests, populating the hotel to the eyeballs with crowds of American youth who came for one purpose - to get drunk. Был хороший сервис и я очень хорошо отдохнул. Посмотрите, что спрашивают другие гости, чтобы узнать побольше об этом жилье.

Casino Diamante Punta Cana Grand. Playa Princess. Казино Tower Princess. Drink Point. Музей Aromas. White Sands. Centro Medico Punta Cana. Tatos Palm Beach. Номера и доступность в Occidental Grand Punta Cana.

Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort , Punta Cana , Dominican Republic

Услуга парковки. Круглосуточный ресепшн.

Dominican occidental grand punta cana

Тренажерный зал. Спорт и отдых. Удобства в номере. Номера и Доступность Введите даты вашей поездки, чтобы проверить наличие свободных номеров. Проверяем наличие номеров Поиск номеров…. Поиск доступных отелей Поиск отелей…. Написать отзыв Ваши данные. Год Ваше мнение об отеле. Оцените этот отель Очень плохо Отлично 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Связаться с нами Если вам нужно более 2-х номеров, сделайте запрос на групповое бронирование.

Тема: Выберите тему… Вы собственник отеля и вам нужна помощь? Изменить бронирование Отменить бронирование Я не останавливался -лась в отеле Сведения об отеле Сотрудничество Другое Проверить цены и доступность номеров Групповое бронирование для бизнес-клиентов Групповое бронирование для турагенств Запрос на просмотр моих личных данных Запрос на удаление моих личных данных Юридические вопросы.

Как добраться до отеля? Адрес отеля:. Другие варианты. Ищете отель в Пунта-Кане? Найдите свое идеальное жилье! Отличные предложения на любой бюджет. Посмотреть отели. This option is suitable for both a romantic trip and for families with children. Add a review Ask a Question. There is a climbing wall and a circus arena.

Inexpensive hotel at an affordable price. I would recommend this hotel for both relaxing and active couples. Of course, you can also consider it with children because of the presence of a mini water park, but the wave is decent and the children are not very comfortable there.

For the newlyweds, they provide an improved room and various additional buns. Tired rooms will not interfere with renovation. There are worse and better rooms. Some may even leak the ceiling and you should not take rooms on the ground floor where it is very damp. Furniture is not new but generally in good condition.

Dominican occidental grand punta cana

Bed is normal. Bedding is also in good condition. Not torn or stained. The plumbing in the bathroom is also in good condition. For the bathroom there is a gel, shampoo, soap. Everyone fills up. Change of towels daily. Free mini bar with water and beer.

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They also replenish every day. The staff speaks English but some speak Russian a little. Service is slow. No one is in a hurry, many dance and sing. All friendly people always say hello and smile. In the main restaurant, the service is slow, they may forget to replenish the mini bar or change bed linen. Everything changes for the better if you leave a small tip everywhere. We are very lucky with the tour agent. He told and advised everything. I recommend to everyone, his name is Dmitry Kukin, you will find him by name in the VKontakte social network.

The beach is good. In whatever room you live, the beach is literally within reach. If it brings algae, then they are removed promptly because they are not taken out, but buried in the sand.

There are no umbrellas on the beach, but the shade from the palm trees is generally enough. There are plenty of sunbeds for everyone. There are no frills in nutrition, but the variety is large enough and no one will remain hungry. Plus, a la carte restaurants can be visited and this will also be a good addition to the choice of food. Internet in the hotel is paid and expensive. Buy a local sim card. Animation active. There are also foam parties and competitions.

In the evening, good shows, I especially recommend the Michael Jackson show. In general, a good inexpensive hotel at a very affordable price. Hungry people in dark corridors are waiting. Experiencing uniform jitters from the expectation of seeing snow-white beaches strewn with algae, on our next trip to the Dominican Republic we aimed to get, if not to the Caribbean Sea, then exclusively to hotels located last in the line of Punta Cana resorts, to the coast of which, due to their favorable geographical location, Sargasso vegetation does not float.

But we went to another hotel, and the answer to the question is Which one? The first time the good news came in the midst of a holiday, we fly away not at after breakfast, but at , and we will also have time to have lunch.

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Then, through the online scoreboard, it completely turned out that our plane would take off from Moscow only in the evening and arrive in La-Romana in the morning of the next day indicated in the ticket. Therefore, they took us and other people after dinner from their homes and took us to two hotels. At Occidental, we were given a room with an ocean view, put on another bracelet and managed to earn for free the right to write a second review for the vacation.

The room is decent, has everything you need, a bit gloomy, but there was no time to study where to turn on the weight of the light right away. We spent all the time walking and swimming in the ocean.

The ocean here is completely transparent, there is not even a hint of algae along the coast, the waves are rolling - a classic surf, the beach naturally flows into the territory of the hotel with an oasis of palm trees and then there are paths, a mowed lawn, which has a relief landscape to tenderness, I want to be photographed both from the left and from the right, and at the fountain, and against the backdrop of a jacuzzi, and of course to wallow.

Walking like this, we also saw a wonderful marvel that we had not seen for a long time and did not think to see in the Dominican Republic. For a hamburger, for a drink, even to hand over a towel and then there is a queue. There is not enough staff, why are people hungry? Food in budget hotels can be scarce, but tasty and without stomach cramps, choose hotels with a rating close to or higher than 4.

Dominican occidental grand punta cana

And there is nothing to complain about! We rested at the Occidental Caribe hotel with a child.

Dominican occidental grand punta cana

I can safely say that the hotel is simply a miracle, in every way. There are some shortcomings in terms of the novelty of the rooms, but this is far from the main thing. We originally booked a hotel according to the Premium Level VIP concept, it turned out to be 20 tons more expensive. Our room was in building 6, overlooking the pool and partly the ocean itself. Two-room suite, more precisely with a living room and a bedroom.

The child has his own room. The room is spacious, the furniture is relatively good, and free internet, it was important for us, as we had to work on vacation along the way. The room itself is on the third floor, there is a table and chairs on the balcony, a spacious bathroom directly with a bathtub and a shower. Excellent cosmetics for the shower, the mini-bar was constantly replenished, there is a coffee maker in the room. Also very spacious and spacious closets for things.

The only drawback of the room is the toilet without a door. That is, if someone is in the shower, then you can no longer go to the toilet, as for me this is a big flaw. Cleaning is good, we had no complaints. There were also bathrobes and slippers in the room, and a pillow menu was provided, which is especially important for my neck. Also, this category has its own privileges.

Late check-out, and we had it exactly late, and the room was extended to us without any problems. Also imported excellent quality alcohol in the Premium Level lounge.

Our biggest delight was the beach from the hotel. The staff from the very early morning removed all the algae, cleaned the beach itself, so in this part, and we walked along the coastline in one direction and the other, a piece of our hotel looked the cleanest, and this is no exaggeration.

The coastline of the hotel beach is long, there is where to roam. Sunbeds stand both in the sun and in the shade of palm trees, umbrellas are not required at all. Anywhere on the beach always found free at any time. There is a climbing wall, basketball, volleyball, billiards, darts, bocce, petanque, trapeze, table tennis, golf fields, tennis courts.

A huge amount of water entertainment, its own casino, and so on and so forth.